The Making of Valentines Day

At indibni, special relations deserve special gifts and when we talk about love, well it is the special someone in our life that grabs the position for Valentine’s Day.  And for that special someone, we came up with our exclusive product range.

Valentine’s Day
What is all about this one hell of a day?
It is not just a day but it is a whole bunch of days - the Valentine’s week. All the shopping streets in this week are swarmed up with chocolates, roses, teddy bears and love cards. You would see lots and lots of things neatly wrapped in pinks and reds. There would be couples coochie-cooing over candle light dinners and the pissed off singles complaining about how worthless and wasteful this week is.

What do we think about Valentine’s Day?
For us Valentine’s Day 2015 is not just a day but a journey, a journey through which the entire team indibni has traveled together. Our philosophy is valuing relations and we make gifts for them. Valentine’s Day is just an opportunity for us to produce cute little things for lovers, and these little things of love had to go through a long way of planning process.

The Kickstart
Dec 15, 2014 The first meeting headed by our strategic head CA Siddharth, with our creator Nitin, executor Ankit and transformer Khushbu for planning the Valentine's Day 2015. It begin with setting up timeline first, planning and writing every detail and taking prints and putting it up at everyone's workplace.
After that we were all set for next two months.

Illustration of Design process on our wall size white board

The Design Process

1. Rattling the Brain with R&D
Understanding user needs, exploring various materials and form, checking the utility, exploring the market, looking for what’s a hit, the best selling products on love, doing surveys, group discussions with people having expertise in various fields, taking their feedback; We did it all and on the basis of that, we cultivated our ideas, our product range, how we can be different, how we can be competitive, these were the questions we always kept asking into the blank space. With more and more clarity coming to us after every team meeting, we proceeded with our ideas and our theme and finalized the number of products along with their graphic, form and material.

2. Ideation & Conceptualization
Sketches Sketches Sketches! As creating a theme is not that easy, we had to make sure that we had a bulk of ideas to begin our work with. We started up with doodling all the feelings about love, eavesdropping the drenched in love phone conversations happening around us, being a freak and asking philosophical questions to others, “how it is like to be in love?”. But what was the best part about it, we loved doing it, asking people on “what they think about love” and we got all kind of answers, corny ones, quirky ones and kinky ones.
Raveena managed to get some “that-might-make-sense” sketches out of all doodles, Ntin was there to guide her on the sketches and improvise them. Khushbu prepared the content and our mentor Ms Sonali Jain helped us with her valuable inputs for the finalizing the content.
After making our wide mood boards and sketches, we concluded our final characters, models sheets, expression charts, attitude poses, color charts , font of the theme; everything essential for making our designs alive when blended with the form of final product.
Sketches and ideation: A messy board is a happy board

3. Digitization
With concepts ready on sketches, we stepped further towards digitization and it was time for the design team to get their hands dirty on the software. After endless coffee mugs and many nights of staying at the office, we were able to get those graphics there on the computer screen, but this did not happen quick, it took like millions of revisions and we have not yet included the revisions of the books.
But yes after all the revisions the graphics actually started looking pretty and improved than before just like how rajnikant looks when he is off set and how different he looks when he is on set. When all graphics were ready, we could hear them shouting and screaming, “give us out for sampling”, and so we had to just send them off to production department. Once they were gone, Nitin and Raveena took a sigh of relief.

Digitization: the raw artwork of King/Queen of Hearts

Digitization: Creation of the font designed for Vday theme

PS : Everybody here is a coffeeholic, so much that it was actually our inspiration for the “You are cream to my coffee” Coffee mug).

4. Prototyping
Once we were at a good position with the status of our products, the design team started knocking the doors of production department. Ankit did a great job in providing with the prototypes. He was able to get us the samples and looking at them we were like, “a little improvisation and woahhh!, we are ready to put ourselves in the market”. Then Khushbu used her expertise in testing the quality and durability of the product, and after her approval, Ankit geared up for the production cycle.

Along with that the pretty serious atmosphere of the office started dissolving away and we could focus on the fun part, “Product Cataloging” !!
Now this was fun for us for many reasons. Ravikant was there for Product photography, Arnab and Rishab also joined us and the team just got bigger. Mohit and Raveena became our models and the most important thing was we got to hold and use the products on which we had been working on (especially the Oh-so-cozy cushions). Khushbu used her articulation skills for preparing the write-ups & product details, supported by the awesome photographs. 
Behind the scene : Photography work in progress

5. Production
Soon enough after pushing off the designs into the production cycle, our office started swarming up with the raw materials, piles of fillers that needed to be put inside the cushions, occupied one corner. The coffee mugs, key chains and fridge magnets all were produced and brought in cartons. The wall clocks, along with its machinery and needles, were also brought in and kept on the racks. Krishna with his team started working on assembling the clocks, arranging the set of 8 postcards, putting the fillers in the cushions, etc. 

6. Positioning
The products which were now ready, required a market to be placed into. We have association with online portals and offline stores to which our products were required to be sent. From the online marketplaces like amazon, ebay, snapdeal, binocolor and fabfurnish to offline places like crossword and poparazzi, we positioned  our “Valentine’s day” product range.

PS : It might seem an easy task, but believe us it is NOT.

7. Promotion
Our promotion techniques were newsletters, google ad words, special offers, social media marketing, facebook promotions, and the most amazing one was the #LOVEis contest, this contest was about asking people what they think about love and answer with a picture of themselves. We received amazing thoughts and it was fun hosting the competition.

Winners of #LOVEis contest

8. OPM (Order Process Management)
As the valentine’s week was already looming over us, we had orders laid up by now and Khushbu was looking after all the order processing. The gifts were wrapped neatly with a brown paper and tied with a red ribbon (the classic indibni wrapping) along with the personalized message of the sender. A feedback card was also included. The gifts which were all ready now were dispatched one by one to the love birds around the globe.

9. Feedback
The last and the most important thing which we require is the feedback. We have already got some valuable feedback from our customers and we are always eager to know what experience our products provides them, as our products have a high emotional value, feedback plays a very key role in it.

And as it is said that love is not a destination it is a journey, It was a great experience for us to go through this journey towards the Valentine’s Day.  (this is our process in just one picture which we call the process of “happiness”.)
Valentine Day 2015 Worksheet: Process of Happiness

PS : Did we forget to mention, we got a little time for ourselves to celebrate this ♥Day in indibni way!

Special Mention : We would like to express our gratitude towards all our mentors for being with us at every step and helping us improvising and getting better, and all our valuable customers for inspiring us to create unique gifts.

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