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Father's didn't tell us how to live, they live and we can learn from it.
This time indigifts came up with a diverse range of ideas to make a relation between a father and his child sparkle. We took truck art as a theme for Father’s Day and designed our products around it.

Indigifts organised a campaign “ Keep Calm & Feel PAPAgiri “ on all social media handles. It consisted of different quotes in Hindi which every indian child had heard from his/her Dad like “ Jab Mai Tumhari Umar Ka Tha..”, “ Kab Akkal Aaegi Tujhe ? “, “ Paise Kya Ped Pe Ugte Hain ? “, “ Ye Koi Waqt Hai Ghar Aane Ka ? ‘ and many more. Visit the link below to feel more PAPAgiri.
We also organised a contest “ Papa Kehte Hain “ in which the candidate has to click a photograph with his/her father along with a dialogue his/her father uses on them (ex- Paise Kya Ped Pe Ugte Hain ? ). The winners of the contest that are the ones with maximum likes were awarded with indigifts goodies worth 10000/- with the same dialogue printed on them. Visit the given link to have a look on all the entries:

"Papa Kehte hain" Photo Contest

Posted by Indigifts on Sunday, June 18, 2017

Indigifts is bringing different shades of Dad, besides that, every dad is super dad for their kids, on this father's day, let's celebrate the hidden shades of Dad's.

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Happy Father’s Day!!