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We use Art to express, messages to our Parents!

Art doesn't always live on canvas hung on the walls in a gallery, sometimes it's out there in front of you. Slogans written like Horn Please, Buri Nazar Wale Tera Mu Kala, and Maa Ka Aashirwad have beautiful stories behind them. Yes we are talking about Indian truck art - the art done on a body of truck.

Truck is just not a piece of transportation, it is a medium of communication through various ideas and messages across different states of India. For a driver, truck is a medium through which he expresses his feelings and the story of his life. There is strong connection between a driver and his truck and to honour this there is a perfect saying in Hindi,
Mai Bahut Khubsurat Hun, Mujhe Nazar Na Lagana,
Zindagi Bhar Saath Dungi, Magar Pee Kar na Chalana.

As truck art define the lives of its artists and the truckers who interact with it on a daily basis, we took it as a theme to show our emotions towards our parents. It inspired us to create gifts to communicate our feelings on Mother's Day and Father's Day. Our designers converted themselves into truck drivers to understand the expression and soul of the beautiful art form.

Once we crossed the hurdle of ideation, a lot of brain storming came into the picture. We started studying each and every small element of the art like art forms, dialogues, colour combinations, symbols and took patterns to communicate with customers. We examined trucks to a great extent which resulted in the derivation of different folk patterns, borders and then finally compositions.

Parallel to all this, messages for mother and father were derived. The element which makes the collection unique and unforgettable is the dialogue writing of truck art which is used for expressing the feelings which we cannot express daily to our parents like “Love you MOM”, “World’s Best DAD”, its motifs and symbols are complementing it along with a trendy and vibrant colour combinations.

The collection was based on the idea to make daily utility products such as Cushions, coffee Mugs, wall clocks, back rest, table mats for Mom and Beer Mugs for Dad, and pillow covers for them were also designed. The gifts when given to them, reminds them of their children’s love and the best part being, it will make them smile.

The chief design officer of Indibni, Khushbu Mathur, says “India has got a fascinating family culture. To make our relationships more lively and compact, we got to nurture them time to time. Indibni offers attractive and meaningful options to convey the sweet messages which sometimes fail to express through words.

Products offered by indibni take us and everyone through the golden voyage of togetherness, comfort and trust. ”

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