We pick emotions and make gifts out of them, but in case we get lemons we prefer to tell stories about them. We are innovators, problem-solvers, story-tellers, design fanatics, crazy lunatics, gifting elves, technical geeks and gizmo freaks. We are Indians at heart and designers for life. Young, Dynamic and Passionate: We are Indibni.

An all-in-one design house and a one stop solution for all your design needs, we specialise in gifting products and branding services. Inspired by the roots of India, with a mission to design for life.  We craft beautiful experiences to nurture special relationships.  Providing gifting options to express what you feel in a unique memorable way, is the reason we exist.

One more thing that you need to know about us, is that we love to talk. We talk through ads, through posters, brands, graphics, products, souvenirs, photos, graffiti, films, identities, animation, interiors... You name it!
Well, we talk through design. It’s quite an obsession around here.  

But what we love more is to walk the talk. With a roster of clients ranging from multinationals like 3M and NBC to start-ups such as Kallista, Sportsgram etc, we have managed to cut through the clutter by creating compelling brand experiences and showcasing bold ideas. We work with the motto of being with you at every step right till we bring life to your vision. We are proud of what we do but at the same time are humble enough to learn and improve as we keep moving forward.

So, if you have an idea and want someone to tell the world about it for you, or simply want to come by for a cup coffee and brainstorm, or just want to talk till the sun goes down, feel free to get in touch! We’re up for all that and more.