According to the Indian Mythology, this world is a result of fusion by three great powers
Brahma : The Creator  | Vishnu : The Executor  |  Mahesh : The Transformer
We at indibni are team of three people and follow the same responsibility.


The think tank sea of indibni which sometimes boils in fury. Conservative hair style just to hide his gizmo freak coffee lover mind. Round glasses & thoughts inspired by Steve Jobs. With expertise in Animation and Design and a clear understanding of the changing market trends, his work has varied from an Animator to an Identity Designer. He has a diversified portfolio which showcases work for Startups to MNCs, International Festivals to NGOs. Our founding stone, we call him The Creator at indibni, with the key role of Ideation & Planning

The back bone of indibni, a gadget lover and a jovial technical geek. You don’t mess with this guy when it comes to Multimedia and Animation. He is a skilled and experienced Vfx and 3d generalist with a number of films and corporate projects to his name including,  Yamla Pagla Deewana, Kahaani and corporate clients like SBI Life Insurance, Mankind, Carlsberg etc. Production and negotiation are in his blood, a veteran of the ecommerce ecosystem. We call him The Executor at indibni, with the key role of Operation & Production

The fragrance of indibni, the quality of designs and products is incomplete without her touch. Her craft and design skills are smooth, rich and flavored with just the right amount of sweet in the way of aesthetics. She is very inquisitive, calm & consistent. Her work experience in the field of NGOs, Social Enterprises, Automobile Industry (TATA Motors, Pune) has contributed to develop her understanding of user needs, market size, product development process etc. She is The Transformer at indibni, with the key role of Process & Communication.

In our internal team we have Graphic Designers, Order Process Manager, Web Developer etc
& in our extended team we have mentors who are expert in different fields, legal and financial advisors, some clients & consumers whom we keep in loop with our steps and keep taking their feedback